Convicted prison nurse who had relationship with inmate granted extra time to complete unpaid work

Ashleigh Naylor made an application to amend the requirements of a community order made by magistrates

Ashleigh Naylor denied three charges during a short appearance at Teesside Crown Court.

A convicted former prison nurse has been granted an extra eight months to complete unpaid work handed down by a court.

Ashleigh Naylor, 32, successfully applied for extra time to complete the order for 250 hours’ of unpaid work at Teesside Magistrates’ Court imposed on December 16, 2019.ADVERTISING

Naylor, of Newlands Road, Skelton Green, was disqualified from driving for two-and-a-half years after she pleaded guilty to failing to provide a specimen for analysis after her vehicle was stopped in Middlesbrough, a month earlier.

She now has until December 15, 2021 to complete the unpaid work requirement.

At the time she was subject to a £120 fine for committing an offence during a suspended sentence order for her “open secret” relationship with an inmate.

The former nurse was handed the suspended prison sentence in November 2018, after the relationship with Paul Lane came to light.

She was working at Holme House Prison in Stockton when she started seeing Mr Lane, an inmate at Kirkham Prison, after chaperoning him to a doctor’s appointment.

At the time Teesside Crown Court was told how Naylor had previously known Mr Lane and began to write to him frequently before buying him credit so he could call her from inside on an illicit mobile phone.

She would then visit him in prison, signing in under her own name.

Prosecutor Harry Hadfield said Naylor was caught after drunkenly confessing to a prison officer at her house that she “had a boyfriend who was in fact a serving prisoner”.

He added: “The officer asked her if the inmate had a phone inside and she said ‘yes’ but that he was due to be released and they were going to live together.

The prison officer then looked on Ms Naylor’s Facebook page and saw two pictures of her and the inmate together.

Ms Naylor pleaded guilty to a charge relating to aiding or abetting an unauthorised device in prison – her first conviction.

She confirmed that when he was going to be released, he was going to live with her and that she had “topped up a mobile phone from her bank account outside on more than one occasion”.

Naylor was cleared of stalking Mr Lane in August 2019, as it emerged they had continued their relationship after his release from prison in early 2018.

The Crown was not aware of the relationship and Judge Deborah Sherwin formally cleared Naylor on the stalking charge, ending the case.

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